The Diabolical Mr Tiddles

The Diabolical Mr Tiddles

By Tom McLaughlin 


One month ago, I asked my lovely twitter followers what their current favourite children’s book was  and @QcqttQ recommended “The Diabolical Mr Tiddles” by Tom McLaughlin (@_TomMcLaughlin on Twitter).

I have to confess that neither my kids nor I (we each have our own childrens’ book libraries as you can see below) had this book.


So, since the title really aroused my interest, I decided to order it and review it.

I was not disappointed… Julian, 6, Noah, 4, and I, discovered the book for the first time together and it was their first choice every night after that for at least two weeks!

But what is it all about?
 “Fearsome dinosaurs, whooshing jetpacks, rockstar guitars, a horse called Alan … Just a few of the things that Harry unexpectedly finds in his bedroom. Where are they coming from? It couldn’t have anything to do with Harrry’s furry-purry new pussycat Mr Tiddles… could it?”
Harry has always dreamt to have a cat and gets cheeky adorable-looking Mr Tiddles for his birthday! Hurray! They become best of friends and inseparable. They soon love each other dearly. However, Harry starts to find objects, treats, toys and even animals at the bottom of his bed so goes on a night adventure to find out where these presents all come from. And as it turns out, lovely Mr Tiddles can be ever so slightly diabolical…

This is a beautiful first book, both written and illustrated by Tom McLaughlin (published by Simon and Schuster, 2012). The text is playful and simple enough for young readers to read themselves yet rich, poetic and witty. It is a great original story about true friendship which subtly explains that you cannot take without asking. The illustrations are also really endearing and funny (I love the retro toys BTW)! And I really giggled at the episode at the Royal Palace (but no more will be said on this subject – you will just have to go and get yourself the book!).


We loved the book and are sure that you will enjoy it too! And we cannot wait for Tom’s new book due to be released in July!


Julian, 6

“So, Julian – What is your favourite part of the book?

– Well, I really like when Harry finds all the weird stuff in his bedroom. Oh! And I really like the picture of Harry playing the guitar!”

Noah, 4

“What about you Noah? What is your favourite part of the book?

– I like following the Mr Tiddles on the map when he goes out in the night. I follow with my finger!”

If you would like Julian, Noah and I to review a book, send me a message!
For more about Tom McLaughlin, visit the website:

4 thoughts on “The Diabolical Mr Tiddles

  1. I’m so glad you liked it. My two year old and four year old both love the book. And we all agree with Noah,.it’s so much fun following Mr Tiddles and Harry over the roof tops.

    The story is great, but it’s the pictures that are really exceptional.

    Catherine (@qcattq)


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