A poem to teach greetings to children in French

As I am currently teaching French at Year 3 Primary level and have already taught how to introduce yourself (name, age, residence), I thought that it would be nice for the children to learn a poem which would include all of those notions that they could show off to their parents! And to introduce the second person plural form.

So I surfed the Web. And I surfed… And I surfed some more… And ended on the shore empty-handed!

It turned out to be difficult to find anything simple enough so I decided to write one myself. Feel free to use it!!


Madame Pouet Pouet

Bonjour Madame,
Comment vous appelez-vous?
Quel âge avez-vous?
D’où venez-vous?
Bonjour Monsieur,
Je m’appelle Madame Pouet Pouet,
J’ai 102 ans et des brouettes,
Je viens de la planète Pluton,
Et vous, vous posez trop de questions!
Alors au revoir, Monsieur je-veux-tout-savoir!

  Have fun in the classroom!


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