7 Ways to Help Maintaining Your French


A foreign language that you are learning should really be practised on a regular basis so as to maintain a good level of proficiency.
So here are some tips as to what you can do to ensure that this level is maintained! I have also included some very useful links.


This is an easy and rather affordable way to practise your French on a regular basis! This is also the most convenient way to maintain your French since you can do this activity wherever you want! Make sure that you have a bilingual dictionary handy so that you can look new words up.
You can buy books, borrow some from the local library, or download from the Internet where you can access all sorts of reading material: magazines, recipes, books, articles and much more!



Watch movies, news or even adverts! You can rent foreign movies with subtitles, watch the French news or movies on SBS, or ads on youTube. Anything in French is good!


You can listen to the radio, to songs (and find the lyrics online). See the links below for many radio links!! You could also buy audio books in French to listen in the car!



Why not join a conversation class? They can be fun and help you learn new phrases, vocabulary and improve your grammar within a group of people in the same situation as you but while interacting with (hopefully) a French  native speaker! Or try and find French groups in your city or place of residence. You will find a link for one in Sydney below.
You can also visit French shops or restaurants and try your French on the owners who I am sure, will appreciate your efforts and you can attend French events such as the soon-to-come various Bastille Day festivals!
Also on Google+, the very interesting and free “Language Practice Hangouts”!
http://www.estellebox.com (conversation classes in North Sydney)

The Sydney French Language Group

Sydney, AU
3,907 French speakers , francophiles

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Next Meetup

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Check out this Meetup Group →



Why not become a self-learner and a French method such as ASSIMIL “New French with Ease” (see link below) available to purchase online? Many different methods are available today and I am sure that you will find the perfect one for your own style. The advantage with these methods is that you can work at your own pace from the comfort of your home!



Try and keep a diary! Write anything that comes to mind: poems, stories, expressions you like, slang (why not) – maybe turn this into a scrapbook! Why not try a blog or join a french-speaking online group or Facebbok page: there are many!



Ok, not the cheapest option but by far the most efficient! Nothing like immersion where you are “forced” to speak the language! And kindly decline the French efforts at speaking English to you and explain that you really want to practise!! Because you really do, don’t you? And you get a good holiday out of it in the most beautiful coountry in the world (and I am not biased whatsoever!!)
http://www.estellebox.com/page7.htm for French classes in the heart of Provence

Do not hesitate to add ideas, tips or links in the comments below!

Et bonne chance!

A bientôt!


Published by Estelle Demontrond-Box

Language Teacher, CIoL-certified Translator, Published Writer, I am from Besançon, France and now live in Sydney, Australia. Enseignante de langues (CAPES d'anglais), Traductrice certifiée (CIoL) et Auteure publiée, originaire de Besançon, je vis désormais à Sydney, Australie.

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