You can sit with me


There is one topic I have always been passionate about, as a teacher, a mother and a writer, and this topic is bullying.

I loathe bullying and my heart sinks every time I hear of bullying stories driving beautiful young souls to despair. I believe that no child should feel alone, insecure or threatened.

So when I see a campaign or an initiative which goal is to help eradicate this sneaky from of violence, I need to share it with the world! And I cross fingers people will get on board and help fight this worldwide epidemic.

Today, I want to share with you a wonderful initiative launched by Sydney-based educational consultant Sophie Whitehouse. #YouCanSitWithMe is an anti-bullying initiative, a kindness campaign which encourages children in schools to wear a AUD2 bright yellow wristband that says this simple inviting sentence YOU CAN SIT WITH ME.

“It means that a child who feels lonely or isolated or who has been a victim of bullying can go and sit with a peer who is wearing one of the wristbands and know they will be included and welcome to sit there.”

“We believe that YOU CAN SIT WITH ME will improve children’s childhoods,” says Sophie Whitehouse. “The wristbands are highly visible and will show children clearly that there are other children willing to include them by offering them a safe place to sit. We believe this will help reduce childhood anxiety, depression and loneliness whilst strengthening communities and allowing children to make new friends of all ages, races and religions.” And it also gives the child wearing the wristband a sense of pride and leadership.

Sophie’s goal with YOU CAN SIT WITH ME is “to embed this anti-bullying and kindness campaign in all Australian schools and sporting clubs to support their current anti-bullying initiatives. Each school may implement YOU CAN SIT WITH ME to best suit their current policies but we have set some guidelines to help those schools that come on board.”

How awesome an idea, isn’t it?

Even better is that the money raised from the sale of the wristbands goes to the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation, which aims to bring literacy skills to Australia’s most marginalised communities!

So spread the YOU CAN SIT WITH ME words: together we can change lives!

More information: the campaign’s Facebook page


Published by Estelle Demontrond-Box

Language Teacher, CIoL-certified Translator, Published Writer, I am from Besançon, France and now live in Sydney, Australia. Enseignante de langues (CAPES d'anglais), Traductrice certifiée (CIoL) et Auteure publiée, originaire de Besançon, je vis désormais à Sydney, Australie.

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