Do u want 2 Buy Sell Swap? The Lingo


Recently, I have become slightly addicted to the Facebook “Buy Sell Swap” pages and have been merrily selling and buying “vintage” (sounds so much better than “second-hand”) goods.
I have, however, had to be on a lingo learning curve, as sellers or buyers do not waste time writing and use a myriad of abbreviations and acronyms, which can be really confusing for first-time buy-sell-swappers.

So I have come up with a list of all the abbreviations I have encountered, and hope it will be helpful!

Please, feel free to add any abbreviation or acronym I might have not listed in the comments below!



BUMP / B = Bring up my post (when you want your post to be brought up at the top of the page)
EUC = Excellent used condition
F = Following (so as to be notified of new posts)
GUC = Good used condition
INT = Interested
ISO = In search of
LOOP = Listed on other page
MPU = Must pick up
NIL = Next in Line (in case previous buyer fall through)
NWOB = New without box
NWOT = New without tags
NWT = New with tags
OBO = Or best offer
ONO = Or near offer
PM = Private message
PPU = Porch pick up OR Pending pick up
WTB = Want to buy

Happy Buying, Selling or Swapping!



Published by Estelle Demontrond-Box

Language Teacher, CIoL-certified Translator, Published Writer, I am from Besançon, France and now live in Sydney, Australia. Enseignante de langues (CAPES d'anglais), Traductrice certifiée (CIoL) et Auteure publiée, originaire de Besançon, je vis désormais à Sydney, Australie.

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