La bise 101

Most people know or have heard of “la bise” as a French form of greeting. But what is “la bise” exactly and most importantly, how does it work? If you are one of the many people left discombobulated by the mysterious Gallic custom, read ahead! First things first, who on earth came up with suchContinue reading “La bise 101”

A Great Definition of “Bullying” (Not mine!)

  Last Saturday, I was at some friends’ celebrating the end of rugby season (or rather trying to make it last a little bit longer!) with my husband and two boys. We are not talking adult rugby but Under 9 , so the driveway looked a bit like a school playground gone completely mad withContinue reading “A Great Definition of “Bullying” (Not mine!)”

40 useful French text message abbreviations

Call me old(-fashioned) but I just cannot get into abbreviating what I type! So, yes, it takes me for-e-ver…. When I see my kids’ texts, I am just amazed at this whole new language they seem to be using with such ease! And I feel very very old(-fashioned)… So here is a list of commonContinue reading “40 useful French text message abbreviations”

You can sit with me

There is one topic I have always been passionate about, as a teacher, a mother and a writer, and this topic is bullying. I loathe bullying and my heart sinks every time I hear of bullying stories driving beautiful young souls to despair. I believe that no child should feel alone, insecure or threatened. So when IContinue reading “You can sit with me”

Le Forum, your French Bookshop in Australia

Do you know Le Forum? Because if you don’t, well, then, you should! Le Forum is a bookshop which was established in Fremantle in 2004. It is an independent bookstore dedicated to bring the best of French culture to Australia’s doorstep. All of their products are also accessible via their online-selling shop and available toContinue reading “Le Forum, your French Bookshop in Australia”

Les expressions préférées des Ados !

«Crari», «staive, «wesh»… Les expressions… by liberation     REPORTAGE VIDÉO (cliquez ci-dessus) A l’occasion de la semaine de la langue française et de la francophonie, Libération a demandé à des élèves de 5e du collège Françoise Dolto dans le XXe arrondissement de Paris, quels étaient leurs mots ou expression favoris. Fanny LESBROS et Cécile BOURGNEUF Pour résumer: StaiveContinue reading “Les expressions préférées des Ados !”