Le Père Noël est un surfeur !

Noël en Australie

Le père Noël est un surfeur !

Si vos souvenirs d’enfance sont baignés de Noëls blancs au coin de la cheminée, de températures en-dessous de 0°C  et de cols roulés, votre premier noël australien sera (littéralement) aux antipodes !

Tout d’abord, le 25 décembre est en été: et vous pouvez vous attendre à des températures de 30°C en moyenne puisque le mois de décembre est l’un des plus chauds de l’année en Australie ! Par conséquent, Noël s’adapte à son environnement*.

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Observing Michelle

Je suis super fan de…
I am a super fan of…

Michelle ou @michmski, une jeune américaine expatriée à Paris fan de saut à la corde extrême :
Michelle a.k.a. @michmski, a young American chick who moved to Paris and who loves extreme jump roping:


et qui tient un blog http://observingparticipant.wordpress.com/about/ mais surtout, qui publie des vidéos hilarantes et pleines d’esprit, dont voici un exemple :
and who has a blog http://observingparticipant.wordpress.com/about/, but better still, who posts hilarious and witty videos. Here is an excellent example:

La langue française en un simple mot. Apprenez-le et vous pourrez vous sortir de toutes les situations.
 “The French language can be boiled down to one simple word. Learn to say it, and you hold the keys to French”.

Vous pouvez aussi la suivre sur Twitter.
You can also follow her on Twitter.

Bullying ou le harcèlement scolaire

Over the years, I have found myself faced with the difficulty of having to translate the word “bully” in an educational context.

When I moved to England and was made aware of the extent of the phenomenon through the media, my translator’s mind started ticking … Bullying was also the central theme of my first book “Le pacte des bouffons”. I had to find words to describe a “bully” in French but was never entirely satisfied with the result (“bourreau” still seems a bit too medieval!).
The matter was then made worse and my mind ticked even more…

So I browsed and read and asked many questions…

Though the word “bully” is commonly and often used in English, the French language does not seem to offer a “perfect” equivalent which would convey the same meaning, have the same connotations, or be part of the same register. Also, this subject is often discussed and tackled in countries such as the UK, Australia, the United States, Japan and Canada for example, with campaigns, debates and many books. In France on the other hand, it seems to me that up until recently, the subject was too often avoided or overlooked. This could explain why there is no word commonly used in French to describe a “bully”. Continue reading