Google Translate Mobile App Review

Browsing the apps on my iPhone, I stumbled across the Google Translate App and I am loving it!Thank God, it is far from perfect (long live human translation! Translators are not obsolete… yet…) but great fun to play with!With 2.3k users around the world and 103 languages you can translate between, this is an appContinue reading “Google Translate Mobile App Review”

A Great Definition of “Bullying” (Not mine!)

  Last Saturday, I was at some friends’ celebrating the end of rugby season (or rather trying to make it last a little bit longer!) with my husband and two boys. We are not talking adult rugby but Under 9 , so the driveway looked a bit like a school playground gone completely mad withContinue reading “A Great Definition of “Bullying” (Not mine!)”

Mon cœur pleure…

  Il y a quelques jours, en France, à Nice, a eu lieu un nouvel acte terroriste. Un acte monstrueux, barbare, cruel. Cette atrocité a eu lieu lors des festivités traditionnelles et ô combien symboliques du 14 juillet : symbole de l’union fraternelle de toutes les parties de la France et de tous les citoyensContinue reading “Mon cœur pleure…”

You can sit with me

There is one topic I have always been passionate about, as a teacher, a mother and a writer, and this topic is bullying. I loathe bullying and my heart sinks every time I hear of bullying stories driving beautiful young souls to despair. I believe that no child should feel alone, insecure or threatened. So when IContinue reading “You can sit with me”

2015 French new words – Les nouveaux mots français 2015

Le Petit Larousse et Le Petit Robert sont deux des dictionnaires français les plus populaires. The Petit Larousse and Petit Robert are two of the most popular French dictionaries.   Comme chaque année, ces dictionnaires ont accueilli des centaines de nouveaux mots et nouvelles expressions. Like every other year, these dictionaries have welcomed hundreds ofContinue reading “2015 French new words – Les nouveaux mots français 2015”