Le retour des bons points !!!

Ah les bons points, que de bons souvenirs…. C’était le siècle dernier (eh oui, cela ne nous rajeunit pas), mais comme je les attendais avec impatience ces bons points quand j’étais à  l’école primaire. Même s’il est vrai que je passais plus de temps sous le bureau de la maîtresse qu’à trier ma collection deContinue reading “Le retour des bons points !!!”

Don’t miss the Alliance Française French Film Festival 2017!

The biggest  festival of French films outside of France! Now in its 28th year, the AF (Alliance Française) French Film Festival is the biggest film festival in Australia but also the biggest festival of French films outside of France. Last year, the AF offered 2,450 sessions nation-wide with  a programme comprising 48 movies! This festival isContinue reading “Don’t miss the Alliance Française French Film Festival 2017!”

The deliciously and politically incorrect french-bashing Mr Taylor

Let me introduce you to Paul Taylor. Paul is English. He grew up in France, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. He now lives in Paris and quit a job at Apple in order to perform stand-up comedy in both English and French. He created, wrote and starred his own show on Canal+ called “What theContinue reading “The deliciously and politically incorrect french-bashing Mr Taylor”

Off the Beaten Track: 8 cool things to do with kids in Paris

My friend Andrea called me last week to “pick my brain” about places of interest that she could visit and activities she could do with her three boys when visiting Paris next July. But not just the usual stuff! Something a bit more off the beaten track… As I started to browse the Internet findingContinue reading “Off the Beaten Track: 8 cool things to do with kids in Paris”

40 useful French text message abbreviations

Call me old(-fashioned) but I just cannot get into abbreviating what I type! So, yes, it takes me for-e-ver…. When I see my kids’ texts, I am just amazed at this whole new language they seem to be using with such ease! And I feel very very old(-fashioned)… So here is a list of commonContinue reading “40 useful French text message abbreviations”

11 useful websites to learn/teach French!

  Whether you are learning French or teaching the “langue de Molière”, you probably have found yourself in the situation of trying to find some cool and useful websites to assist you with your French. And if you indeed have, then you probably know how frustrating this process can be!! So many places to look,Continue reading “11 useful websites to learn/teach French!”

2015 French new words – Les nouveaux mots français 2015

Le Petit Larousse et Le Petit Robert sont deux des dictionnaires français les plus populaires. The Petit Larousse and Petit Robert are two of the most popular French dictionaries.   Comme chaque année, ces dictionnaires ont accueilli des centaines de nouveaux mots et nouvelles expressions. Like every other year, these dictionaries have welcomed hundreds ofContinue reading “2015 French new words – Les nouveaux mots français 2015”