WIN my latest ASSIMIL French workbook! [Competition inside]

I am very proud and excited to announce the publishing of my latest book!
Je suis fière de vous annoncer la publication de mon dernier ouvrage !

French Workbook 2015


French for false beginners

This easy-to-use workbook has been designed specifically for false beginners in French. It includes 200 fun-filled exercises (with answers) which follow a logical progression. You will be able to self-assess your level at the end of each chapter. Every aspect of the language has been covered, including grammar, spelling, vocabulary, syntax, pronunciation and accentuation.

– 200 fun-filled exercises (with answers) to learn French
– Tasks include: matching, fill the blanks, find the odd one, unscrambling exercises, crosswords, riddles and more.
– Grammar, conjugation, spelling, pronunciation and accentuation
– Test yourself with our self-assessment tasks

Cahier d’exercices de français pour anglophones   Niveau : faux débutants
Ce cahier d’exercices très pratique et ludique a été conçu spécialement pour les faux-débutants en français.
Plus de 200 exercices à la progression étudiée et sous forme de jeux sont proposés, accompagnés de leurs corrigés.
À la fin de chaque chapitre, vous pourrez également auto-évaluer votre niveau de langue.
Aucune dimension de la langue n’a été oubliée : la grammaire, l’orthographe, la syntaxe, la prononciation et même l’accentuation des mots !
  • Plus de 200 exercices de français
  • Jeux, QCM, exercices à trous, etc.
  • Conjugaison, syntaxe, grammaire
  • Tests d’auto-évaluation

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WIN a signed copy of Adventures of SuperYam: Harry and SuperYam™ [competition inside]


Meet SuperYam™, the superhero who represents the world of fruit, vegetables and healthy eating!

Harry and SuperYam™, written by Sydney mum Alla Novochenok-Serhan and illustrated by Jay Rollins, is the first story from Adventures of SuperYam™; a children’s picture-book series promoting food education and tackling childhood obesity.
SuperYam™ is the intergalactic superhero who travels to Earth to help Harry, a young boy who gets to discover an exciting and wonderful world of fruit and vegetables and through this journey, changes his perception of healthy eating.

With SuperYam™’s help, Alla is inspiring children to think about their food choices and helps parents to facilitate the necessary changes. SuperYam™ teaches children about benefits of healthy fresh food – where it comes from, how it positively impacts on their well-being and how it can ultimately empower them.
A charming rhyme-filled script and bright, vivid illustrations team up to create an easy and understandable read for young children – a journey they can and want to join. Included in the book is also SuperYam’s™ delicious Vegetable Soup recipe – a way to entice young readers to get involved further; perhaps all the way to the dinner table!

“I wanted to create a bridge between a story my kids would find amusing and their meal times. Kids cant get enough of superheros and so I’ve given them SuperYam™ – a superhero who can guide and inspire, rather than just drive fast cars or shoot lasers – but ultimately still end up saving their world where the number one villain is obesity” says Alla. Continue reading

Micro-vendez vos ouvrages numériques avec 7switch!

Vous pouvez désormais vendre vos livres numériques grâce à la platforme 7switch en intégrant un widget sur un réseau social, un blog ou un site Internet.

Le processus est simple: vous devez vous inscrire sur 7switch et créer un compte (très rapide : soit avec email, compte Facebook ou Google+).
Si votre livre est listé dans le catalogue d’Immatériel, il vous suffit de le sélectionner dans l’onglet “Library”, cliquer sur “Sell” et partagez le lien grâce aux boutons intégrés.
Vous pouvez également cliquer sur “Configure Widget” afin d’obtenir le code intégré que vous pourrez ensuite incorporer en HTML sur votre site Internet ou blog.

Pour chaque ouvrage vendu, vous touchez 15% de la vente réalisée via le lien partagé ou le widget intégré (variable en fonction des ventes – voir le site 7switch pour de plus amples détails).

Un exemple (mais qui a donc bien pu écrire cet excellent livre)?

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New Facebook Page: Like, Love, Share!!

Dear Readers and Followers,

I am delighted to announce the creation of my new author’s Facebook page

Estelle's Facebook Page


Come and join the page and enjoy book news, French words, quotes, offers, competitions and more!

2 Languages

See you on Facebook!



“Let’s learn French” Perpetual Calendar – Le calendrier perpétuel “Let’s learn French!”


I am proud to present you my second “book” published by Assimil, the “Let’s learn French!” Perpetual calendar, filled with 366 fun-filled French lessons, featuring one Limerick, joke or quote per day complete with beautiful illustrations from Sarah Andreacchio!

Je suis très fière de vous présenter mon deuxième “livre” publié par Assimil, le calendrier perpétuel “Let’s learn French”, qui comprend 366 leçons de français ludiques avec blagues, citations et expressions magnifiquement illustrées par Sarah Andreacchio!

  • Caractéristiques : Audio calendar
    (372 pages tear-off desk calendar, spiral-bound in a case, includes access to 366 tracks via QR codes)
  • ISBN : 9782700506570

How to type French accents on PC and MAC


Because I know how difficult and time consuming trying to write in French with an English keyboard is (especially when you are only using the “insert symbol” option), I thought that a table of all the shortcuts might come handy!

Make sure that your number lock is off!


For PC

To type accents with ALT codes, hold down the ALT key, then on the numeric keypad type the three or four digits listed here. When you release the ALT key, the character will appear.

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A poem to teach greetings to children in French

As I am currently teaching French at Year 3 Primary level and have already taught how to introduce yourself (name, age, residence), I thought that it would be nice for the children to learn a poem which would include all of those notions that they could show off to their parents! And to introduce the second person plural form.

So I surfed the Web. And I surfed… And I surfed some more… And ended on the shore empty-handed!

It turned out to be difficult to find anything simple enough so I decided to write one myself. Feel free to use it!!


Madame Pouet Pouet

Bonjour Madame,
Comment vous appelez-vous?
Quel âge avez-vous?
D’où venez-vous?
Bonjour Monsieur,
Je m’appelle Madame Pouet Pouet,
J’ai 102 ans et des brouettes,
Je viens de la planète Pluton,
Et vous, vous posez trop de questions!
Alors au revoir, Monsieur je-veux-tout-savoir!

  Have fun in the classroom!