G’Day Aussies!

One thing I have really enjoyed since I have moved to Australia is the very inventive and quaint “Aussie Slang”.
So today, I am sharing with you some of these Australian colloquialisms I hear on a regular basis and which, more often than not, bring a smile to my face! As you will notice, Australians love shortening words and add the suffixes -ie -y or -o!

This Arvo = this afternoon
A Barbie = Down Under, not a doll but a barbecue!
Brekkie/brekky = breakfast
Chokers = very full
A chook = a chicken; a woman
To be/feel crook = to be or feel unwell
Some dosh = some money
A dunny = a toilet
An esky = a portable cooler (an essential when you live in Australia – originally a brand)!
A galah = a foolish or stupid person (originally a bird)
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