Rego / Registration

Rego / Registration

I have discovered that my Australian friends love shortening words and dropping a few syllables! I suppose it is an efficient way to get to the point (or beer) quicker!

One of the most common Australian abbreviation is the one with the added suffix -o (at the end of the word). Though it can be derogatory (as in drongo), it is not always the case (ambo) especially in the Australian language. The plural form of these shortened -o words is an added -es, such as amboes for ambulances!

You will find below a list of some of the words I have come across so far! Feel free to add your own!

aggro – aggressive
ambo – ambulance
arvo – afternoon
avo – avocado
bizzo – business
dero – homeless person
doco – documentary
drongo – slow-witted or stupid person
evo – evening
garbo – garbage man
milko – milkman
muso – musician
journo – journalist
rego – vehicle registration
relo – relative
Salvos – Salvation Army (stores)
sambo or sammo – sandwich
servo – service station
thingo – thing
vejjo – vegetarian


G’Day Aussies!

One thing I have really enjoyed since I have moved to Australia is the very inventive and quaint “Aussie Slang”.
So today, I am sharing with you some of these Australian colloquialisms I hear on a regular basis and which, more often than not, bring a smile to my face! As you will notice, Australians love shortening words and add the suffixes -ie -y or -o!

This Arvo = this afternoon
A Barbie = Down Under, not a doll but a barbecue!
Brekkie/brekky = breakfast
Chokers = very full
A chook = a chicken; a woman
To be/feel crook = to be or feel unwell
Some dosh = some money
A dunny = a toilet
An esky = a portable cooler (an essential when you live in Australia – originally a brand)!
A galah = a foolish or stupid person (originally a bird)
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