Jellybeans: Morning, Noon and Night!

THE STORY “Jellybeans: morning, noon & night” is a deliciously politically incorrect illustrated children’s book written by Maggie Pajak and illustrated by Marni Backer. The book tells the story of Matthew and Andrew, two brothers (and Maggie’s children in real life) who LOVE jellybeans so much, they wish they could only eat jellybeans for breakfast, lunch andContinue reading “Jellybeans: Morning, Noon and Night!”

The Diabolical Mr Tiddles

The Diabolical Mr Tiddles By Tom McLaughlin    One month ago, I asked my lovely twitter followers what their current favourite children’s book was  and @QcqttQ recommended “The Diabolical Mr Tiddles” by Tom McLaughlin (@_TomMcLaughlin on Twitter). I have to confess that neither my kids nor I (we each have our own childrens’ book librariesContinue reading “The Diabolical Mr Tiddles”