WIN my latest ASSIMIL French workbook! [Competition inside]

I am very proud and excited to announce the publishing of my latest book!
Je suis fière de vous annoncer la publication de mon dernier ouvrage !

French Workbook 2015


French for false beginners

This easy-to-use workbook has been designed specifically for false beginners in French. It includes 200 fun-filled exercises (with answers) which follow a logical progression. You will be able to self-assess your level at the end of each chapter. Every aspect of the language has been covered, including grammar, spelling, vocabulary, syntax, pronunciation and accentuation.

– 200 fun-filled exercises (with answers) to learn French
– Tasks include: matching, fill the blanks, find the odd one, unscrambling exercises, crosswords, riddles and more.
– Grammar, conjugation, spelling, pronunciation and accentuation
– Test yourself with our self-assessment tasks

Cahier d’exercices de français pour anglophones   Niveau : faux débutants
Ce cahier d’exercices très pratique et ludique a été conçu spécialement pour les faux-débutants en français.
Plus de 200 exercices à la progression étudiée et sous forme de jeux sont proposés, accompagnés de leurs corrigés.
À la fin de chaque chapitre, vous pourrez également auto-évaluer votre niveau de langue.
Aucune dimension de la langue n’a été oubliée : la grammaire, l’orthographe, la syntaxe, la prononciation et même l’accentuation des mots !
  • Plus de 200 exercices de français
  • Jeux, QCM, exercices à trous, etc.
  • Conjugaison, syntaxe, grammaire
  • Tests d’auto-évaluation

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“Let’s learn French” Perpetual Calendar – Le calendrier perpétuel “Let’s learn French!”


I am proud to present you my second “book” published by Assimil, the “Let’s learn French!” Perpetual calendar, filled with 366 fun-filled French lessons, featuring one Limerick, joke or quote per day complete with beautiful illustrations from Sarah Andreacchio!

Je suis très fière de vous présenter mon deuxième “livre” publié par Assimil, le calendrier perpétuel “Let’s learn French”, qui comprend 366 leçons de français ludiques avec blagues, citations et expressions magnifiquement illustrées par Sarah Andreacchio!

  • Caractéristiques : Audio calendar
    (372 pages tear-off desk calendar, spiral-bound in a case, includes access to 366 tracks via QR codes)
  • ISBN : 9782700506570

Liens utiles pour l’enseignement du français / Useful links for French teaching

On est né nu

Here are a few links of blogs and sites that I have bumped into recently and that I find very useful for teaching French. Some are quite hilarious! What would we do without the Canadians, seriously?
Ci-dessous, quelques liens de blogs et sites sur lesquels je suis tombée récemment et que je trouve très utiles pour l’enseignement du FLE. Certains sont même très drôles! Sérieusement, que ferait-on sans nos amis canadiens ?

The first blog I have discovered is called “T’enseignes-tu le FLE?”, a site where teachers share ideas and very useful resources.
Le premier blog s’intitule “T’enseignes-tu le FLE?”, un site où les enseignants partagent leurs idées et ressources très utiles.

The second is a Canadian site called the ACELF (Association Canadienne de l’Education de la Langue Française),which is a free (your heard right!) teaching resources database.
Le second est un site canadien appelé l’ACELF (Association Canadienne de l’Education de la Langue Française)  qui est une banque d’activités pédagogiques gratuites (oui, vous avez bien entendu!).

Let’s not forget the ever-so-interesting-to-learn colloquialisms and slang in the blog “Je dis, Tu dis, Il dit, Nous disons …”
N’oublions pas les expressions familières et argotiques si intéressantes et amusantes à enseigner avec le blog “Je dis, Tu dis, Il dit, Nous disons …”

And finally, to end on a fun note, we found this hilarious song (Canadian of course) by Damien Robitaille entitled “On est né nu”, perfect for practicing clothes and body parts!
Et pour finir en beauté, nous avons trouvé cette chanson hilarante (canadienne bien sûr) par Damien Robitaille intitulée “On est né nu”, parfaite pour pratiquer le vocabulaire des vêtements et des parties du corps!

N’hésitez pas à partager avec nous des sites ou blogs en commentaire!

Assimil French Phrasebook now available in Australia!

My French phrasebook has now officially reached the Australian shore!

It is available from the French bookshop LE FORUM :



Auteur(s) : Estelle Demontrond-Box
Editeur : Assimil
Collection : Guide de conversation
Date de parution : 01/2013
Dimensions : 14 x 10 cm
Nombre de pages : 160

Learning level: all levels

With free mp3 sample.

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French Phrasebook, Assimil

My latest baby is out!


My latest book was published in February 2013 and is available on the Assimil website

I have had great fun working on this book with Assimil and I really hope that it will help people with their French needs when travelling to France or any other French-speaking country.

It is 160 pages and is divided in 4 sections.

The “Introduction”, which tells you how to use the book, gives you a few facts & figures about France as well as a bit of history, and explains a few aspects of the French language.

The “Getting started” section, with 21 lessons to read 21 days before you travel to France, 1 each day. Each lesson comprises of a dialogue, including translation and pronunciation; some easy-to-understand grammatical notes; and one exercise to practise what you have just learnt. The book comes with a free MP3 sample so that you can also listen to the dialogues.

A “Conversing” section, which covers all the vocabulary that you may need along with some interesting cultural facts.

And lastly, an “Index” to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

You will also find on the covers some handy tables for numbers, pronunciation, space and time, asking questions,  useful words and expressions.

It is small and light, and easy to carry around. And very affordable!

Please feel free to leave comments on the book below. I really hope that you enjoy the book and that you find it very helpful during your travels!!

Bon voyage!