Do you Busuu?

Have you ever heard of  “Busuu”? Busuu is a social network for learning languages based on a “Freemium” model (offering both free and premium services). The website is named after a Cameroon language with only three living speakers in 2005! This is how the Busuu describes their method: “Instead of studying alone at home withContinue reading “Do you Busuu?”


I have discovered that my Australian friends love shortening words and dropping a few syllables! I suppose it is an efficient way to get to the point (or beer) quicker! One of the most common Australian abbreviation is the one with the added suffix -o (at the end of the word). Though it can beContinue reading “Righto?”

8 useful tips to learn a foreign language

  8 useful tips to learn a foreign language That’s it! You have made up your mind: you are so going to learn a new language! But where and how do you start? Here are 8 very useful tips to help you with your learning: 1) DARE: the key to learning a new language isContinue reading “8 useful tips to learn a foreign language”